Beauty Bites – the amazing skin care range now out!

Around the time when our thirties begin, we start to feel our skin getting drier and drier, and our favourite products becoming powerless against it with wrinkles starting to appear.

Knowing how difficult it can be to find a good moisturising skin care for oily or combination skin, that wouldn’t leave your skin feeling greasy but still giving that anti-aging effect, we created the Beauty Bites skin care range. And boy, we’ve packed real heavy hitters into this skincare range – effective yet ultra-lightweight ingredients.

These are truly multi-functional products that support skin renewal, fight imperfections, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, restore a youthful appearance and moisturise effectively. And what’s most important is that they are particularly suitable for combination or oily skin with pimples, redness and dryness.

There is something for all ages, from the 20s upwards. There are creams as well as serums. And as the cherry on top, we created Flashrewind – a 5 minute magical wrinkle erasing effect serum to help you shine extra brightly at those special occasions where you want to get all the attention!

Currently we have 4 complimentary products that can be used separately or combined for better results:

○Anti imperfections and anti aging gel

○Retinol-like anti aging cream for mature skin

○Fast acting, 5. min wrinkle smoothing serum

○Retinol anti aging serum for all skin types