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What are the delivery times?

We always do our best to ship orders our as fast as possible. For orders in Estonia, the average delivery time is 2-3 working days. For international orders the delivery time depends on the country. But usually within European Union the delivery time is 14-30 days and outside of European Union 14-60 days. Full info and details are in our Terms of Use.

Where can I buy Eternal Youth Collagen Bites?

In Estonia a selection of our food supplements can be purchased in Tradehouse and ProKosmeetika stores, Keila Rõõmu department store and BeautyX store. A convenient way to order them is from rosena.ee webshop.

How can I become your partner and start selling Collagen Bites?

Please contact us by phone or e-mail and we will be happy to discuss it with you

Which Bites would you recommend for a first time buyer?

We have tried our best to make sure all of our Beauty Bites and Collagen Bites are super tasty and fun. But everyone has their preferences, so we offer different types of bites to have a choice. So, maybe start off with selecting the flavour that you would like most. And also consider if you wish to use collagen for beauty goals or need support for your joints and health. Beauty Bites include vitaminst and active ingredients for beauty and Collagen Bites include glucosamine for joints.

I accidentally ate the whole pack all at once, is this bad?

First, you are not alone, it happens to many others 😉 If you happened to eat the whole pack of bites that mostly are based on collagen and vitamin C, then there is no need to worry. However, you should not use too many of the Beauty Bites and Collagen Bites that include a lot of other vitamins - because vitamins have daily recommended values and some of them could have an undesired effect when used in excess. For this type of bites, please try to follow the recommended quantity listed on the carton.

Can kids eat collagen Bites?

As our Beauty Bites and Collagen Bites include other active ingredients aside from collagen, it is not recommended to give them to young kids without first consulting with a doctor. If a kid manages to steal a couple of collagen bites, it shouldn't be an issue. However, when a larger quantity is eaten, we advise to consult immediately with a doctor.