Estonian food supplement wins prestigious start-up award in America

At the Go Global Awards 2023, an international entrepreneurial competition held in Rhode Island, USA, more than 500 companies attended from 83 countries. Our company Rosena DK and our Eternal Youth Beauty Bites were awarded the title of Start-up Exporter of the Year.

“The award from the International Trade Council (ITC) is a sign for us that we are on the right track and that there is a huge potential for our collagen supplements developed in Estonia” said Anniki Telling, CEO of Rosena DK, who accepted the award. Already today, Beauty Bites are being exported to Finland and soon also to Latvia. Negotiations are ongoing for Norway, the UAE and several other target markets.

Beauty Bites are food supplements that stand out from the rest because of their awesome flavour. Thanks to continuous product development, there is a wide range of different products. For example, there are crunchy chocolate and coconut balls, as well as gummies containing collagen, glucosamine, biotin and other vitamins.

It’s a family business, where products for women are developed by a mother and daughter working together. “We are seeing that health products containing collagen are gaining popularity – both from the feedback of Estonian women and by looking at worldwide trends, for example, as women all over the world are increasingly looking for and wanting to buy products that are tasty, convenient and useful at the same time,” explains Karin Telling, co-founder of Rosena DK.

The Go Global Awards are presented by the International Trade Council, and in 2022 the ceremony was held in Estonia under the auspices of EAS.