Eternal Youth Beauty Bites has won 1st place at Gulfood Innovation Awards 2023

Gulfood, the largest food exhibition in the world has ended and we are incredibly happy to say that our Eternal Youth Beauty Bites, tropical flavoured collagen gummies were selected out of all applicants as 1st place winners – most innovative products at the Gulfood Innovation Awards 2023 in the Best health and wellness product category. Over the years we have put our hearts and souls into developing the Eternal Youth brand and we sincerely appreciate that our efforts have been noticed by such a prestigious programme.

Eternal Youth offers easy to use gourmet collagen products in a bitesize form. And they always taste awesome- we make sure of that! Our goal is to provide variety, because no-one wants to use the exact same flavour every day for months or years. Our Eternal Youth Beauty Bites are so amazing, that you will never forget to take them! In fact, you might have to fight the urge to eat them all at once (many say they are simply so irresistible). One to two Beauty Bites are enough, because they contain 2000mg of high quality Verisol hydrolyzed collagen peptides, a whopping 1000micrograms of Biotin that helps keep hair and nails gorgeous and vitamins C, E and B9 to provide antioxidants and support your beauty goals. Eternal Youth is – fun, cool, awesome, full of flavors, and good for you!

Eternal Youth Beauty Bites are for everyone. They are for YOU and ME and our sister or uncle or grandma or boyfriend. There really no longer is one average user, and men love them just as much as women do. Eternal Youth Beauty Bites always stand out, even on the shelf. Just as the gummies themselves are awesome, taste good and provide everything you need for your beauty goals, so is the packaging. It’s not just another pill bottle or powder bag. Lots of colors, fun visuals support the AWESOMENESS.

It’s not just a food supplement, it’s a way of life. People tell us they look forward to when they get to take their daily Beauty Bites. They taste and feel like a real treat, because the collagen in it is totally flavourless. And if you do happen to get tired of the tropical flavour version, don’t worry. You have many flavours to choose from – blackcurrant, cherry-lemon, rhubarb, or Collagen Bites with real chocolate.