Limited special edition of Beauty Bites with marine collagen


Beauty Bites are constantly evolving – both in terms of new exciting flavors and ingredients. Keep your finger on the pulse, because we have some exciting news coming soon! In the meantime however, we made marine collagen ang gelatine versions of our existing gummies to be sent abroad. Some of them didn’t find a new home, so we now added them to our e-shop 🥰 There is only a limited quantity of each flavor, and when they are sold out, then that’s it.

Why marine collagen? Here are 5 interesting facts about marine collagen.

1. Compared to collagen of animal origin, marine collagen obtained from fish is easier for the body to digest and absorbs better.

2. It does not cause allergic reactions and is suitable for people who easily develop allergic reactions.

3. Marine collagen is rich in essential amino acids, especially glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which play an important role in collagen synthesis.

4. It has a beneficial effect on both the skin and general health: when taking food supplements with marine collagen, the moisture level of the skin improves, elasticity and wrinkles are reduced. In addition, it strengthens nails and hair, improves blood vessel strength and gut health and supports muscle and joint function.

5. The marine collagen used in our products is tasteless! But of course, we have added plenty of tempting flavors so that you can really enjoy them every day – blackcurrant, lemon, cherry, tropical flavor and even real chocolate!

Hurry to e-shop, because many of the products have already found a new home and the stock is decreasing at an impressive speed. Once sold out, they are gone for good.