Next time, instead of candy for a gift, bring a pack of Beauty Bites

Whenever going to visit someone, we tend to bring some snackables or a box of candy along. But does this bring excitement to the recipient? What if you could bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones with something cool that is a treat and at the same time, good for your skin and health.

How about Beauty Bites? We asked nutritionist Teele Teder what she thinks.

According to nutritionist Teele Teder, the collagen contained in Beauty Bites is one of the main components of a youthful skin. “We are talking about the most common protein in our body, as collagen makes up 30% of all proteins in the body,” explains Teder. “Collagen is the basic building block from which bones, skin, muscles and tendons are formed. The body is capable of producing collagen itself, but as we age, the body’s ability to do so decreases.” That is why it is recommended to take collagen supplements.

The first signs of aging begin to appear already at the age of 25-30. “Collagen production is significantly reduced, for example, by excessive tanning, ultraviolet radiation from solarium visits, and smoking and alcohol, because they reduce the skin’s moisture level and blood supply,” notes Teder. “Of course, one aspect is to fight premature aging, but collagen actually does a lot of other good things. High levels of collagen in the body are associated with less cellulite and fewer stretch marks. Collagen is also one of the building blocks in the structure of nails, hair and teeth. It helps to keep nails strong and promotes hair growth, including slowing down hair loss. Among other things, it is collagen that also helps keep joints healthy and reduce pain.”

Give women the gift of beauty and youth, excitement guaranteed!

Beauty comes from within – our general health, what we eat and our lifestyle determines our looks. This means that beautiful skin, strong nails and hair need collagen, vitamins and biotin. Among our Eternal Youth Beauty Bites and Biotin Bites, you can find delicious blackcurrant-flavored gourmet gummies, delicious tropical gummies, peach-pineapple-flavored pastilles, or why not try one of our biggest hits – crunchy Collagen Bites with real chocolate.

What to give to a loved one who is active, does sports and appreciates being healthy?

With active people in mind, we have made our Collagen Bites – lemon or cherry-lemon flavoured collagen and glucosamine gummies and rhubarb flavoured Glucosamine bites pastilles. They combine a lot of collagen with glucosamine and vitamins, which have a good effect on muscles and joints. They are therefore suitable, for example, as the age number increases, but also for those who do physical work or do a lot of sports. There is something for everyone.

For the biggest collagen fans, bring along the Eternal Youth Collagen Bites gift set!

It has so many of our awesome collagen bites that the recipient has all their collagen worries solved for a long time. Unless the Bites are already eaten during the time you spend together. This tends to happen quite ofter, as our Collagen Bites are just so irresistibly delicious.

„These Collagen Bites are not just any collagen supplement, they are super delicious treats. I never forgot to take them. After using them I had more energy, my skin looks great and even my mood was better – Collagen Bites are great! And the chocolate covered ones are truly special!”

Eve Kallaste,

TV host