The food supplement that was made by women for women

Rosena DK is owned and run by mother and daughter duo since 2016 in Estonia. We are an exclusive distributor for several international dermocosmetic and food supplement brands, working in channels like pharmacy, health, beauty, FMCG and online. Our goal has always been to offer products that provide results but are also affordable. We pride ourselves in carefully selecting the products we represent.

Eternal Youth Collagen Bites were developed by us after we listened to our collagen consumers who complained about messy, inconvenient and awful tasting collagen powders or boring capsules.

Thus was born the idea for the first Eternal Youth Collagen Beauty Bites – the ORIGINAL blackcurrant flavoured Beauty Bites! The product was so successful that we never looked back.

The very first Beauty Bites were born

We found a partner and worked out a way to hide lots of collagen into a flavourful gourmet marmalade, the very first blackcurrant flavoured Beauty Bite. With the goal in mind to make sure the tiny bites would also bring joy to their users and be convenient to use.

Pictures of "outfits" our collagen bites have had until they were fitted with their current mouthwateringly delicious packaging.

Bites are like kids to us - they grow, change and sometimes you have a few more

The mother-daughter duo are always looking towards the future. Because who wants to use the same boring collagen powder each day for months or years at a time? It is much more fun to one week use lemon flavored soft chews, the next week peach flavored pastilles etc.

So, in 2020, our crunchy Collagen Bites with real chocolate joined the family.

And in 2021 we already had two new additions, extra vitamin rich Biotin Bites and Glucosamine Bites - totally bitesize collagen pastilles that we managed to fit SOOO MANY vitamins and other great stuff into that honestly, we were surprised ourselves. As usual for our Bites, we made extra effort to ensure a totally AWESOME flavour.

Pure joy for true collagen fans came at the end of 2022 - totally new flavours of collagen gummies!

Firstly, we have to admit that these last ones were kinda our troublesome kids... They just did not seem to turn out the way we had imagined them. But so many test productions later they were finally ready! Temptingly tropical Beauty Bites - collagen, beauty vitamins and lots of biotin for gorgeous hair and nails. And Cherry-Lemon flavoured Collagen Bites with collagen, glucosamine and vitamins to support health and vitality.

Definitely not the end of our journey... Because the whole 2023 is still ahead 😉